BA Vanderbilt University 14'


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Crowd Effervescence visualizes the sociological term “collective effervescence.” This phenomenon is an event where a grouping of people is united through a common focus.  Often the group is visually homogenous and performing the same action, whether that be simultaneously watching a public scene unfold, or gathering in a gallery around a piece of art. Their common focus can project onto a ceremonial object in the shared environment, which gains persona through the crowd’s inescapable influence and functions to complete the circuit of energy exchange between the animate and the inanimate beings. The merged mass exudes a behavior-altering liveliness, which induces an aroused mood state that can only be achieved in this setting. My senior piece, Crowd Effervescence, captures an energetic interplay between environmental forces intertwining regal fabrics with pourable urethane foam. The vivacious flow of materials inherits the spatial form of a specific crowd, and further becomes physically influential through the cohesion from its lustrous color palette, to the point where the individual gets lost in the mass.