BA Vanderbilt University 14'


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Artist Statement 

Desiré Hough creates mixed media sculptural work that uncovers the unspoken communication between living beings and material objects, their assimilation into one, and the conflicts that arise from this intimate relationship.  Language inherently divides objects into categories, alienating one object from another, which clashes with the interdependent nature of the world.  Hough’s sculptures function as expressions of joint reality.  The work acknowledges that the inanimate and animate exhibit both a shared personality and physical existence when operating together.



Hough grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania observing her grandmother paint surreal versions of local architecture. She started formal art instruction with traditional black-and-white photography at Earlham College (Richmond, IN) and then continued studying studio art, focusing on painting and sculpture at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN) where she received her BA in May of 2014. For several years Hough worked on mixed-media sculptures and collages at her studio at the Ground Floor Gallery in Nashville, TN.  She has also worked professionally as a scenic fabricator, where she has build exhibits for museums. So far, Hough's work has been shown in nine different states across the country.